Terms and Conditions

If you're reading this page, you probably have one or more questions about this website or about the book Flexbox for Responsive Web Design. Your questions may include:

  • Can I use code from the book or site for personal or commercial applications?
  • Are there any costs or fees associated with using the code?
  • Do I need to acknowledge the source for anything I use?
  • If I share personal information, how will that information be used and protected?
  • Are there any guarantees that everything on the site is correct?

Good questions. Here are the answers.

Fair Use

You can use any of the code that you download from this site. And you can use any code that you find in the book. Without restriction.

There are no purchase costs or licensing fees. You can use the code for free. There is no need to acknowledge the source of anything you use; although I would be grateful if you did.

Privacy Policy

Here is the bottom line. Your privacy is very important. You can browse the site and download files without revealing any information about yourself.

If you contact us and request a response, we do ask for an email address to follow up on your request. But we don't share your email address with anyone.


The material on this website is provided for training only. We do not warrant the correctness of its contents. The risk from using it lies entirely with the user.

The website may contain inaccuracies or errors. There are no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the site or its contents. If you discover that the site or the book contains errors, please contact the author so these can be corrected.