Who Wrote This Book?

Hi, I'm Harvey Berman. I wrote Flexbox for Responsive Web Design, and I built this site so readers could download source code from the book.

My Story

I live in Atlanta, where I earned a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Psychology, both from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

After graduation, I spent nearly two decades applying math and statistics skills to real-world problems, mainly in the areas of market research and strategic planning.

In my spare time, I play golf and bridge - both poorly.

How the Book Happened

In 2000, I retired and, with time on my hands, developed Stat Trek, an educational website that helps people teach themselves statistics. The site prospered, but there was a problem.

I had built Stat Trek for display on desktop monitors; but more and more, site visitors were using smart phones. The solution: I built a separate mobile version of the site.

The result: It was a lot of work to build a mobile version. It left me with two sites to maintain. And aesthetics on mid-sized screens were sub-optimal. Not the best outcome.

I would have been better off to re-create Stat Trek as a responsive website, designed with progressive enhancement and powered by flexbox. If only there were a book that covered those topics . . .