Download Source Code

The book, Flexbox for Responsive Web Design, has plenty of sample code to illustrate key concepts. And all of the code from the book can be downloaded to your computer.

How to Install Source Code

Installing the sample code requires about 7.1 MB of disk space. Follow these instructions to install the code:

  • Click the "Download" button below.
  • From the the dialog box that appears, Choose "Save File". Then, click "OK".
  • Files will be saved to the "Downloads" directory on your computer.
  • The files will be in a zipped folder, named "flexbox-rwd".
  • Drag the zipped folder to a new location of your choice.
  • To unzip the folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select "Extract All", and follow instructions.

With the files and the step-by-step explanations in the chapters, you can learn by doing. This can be an effective way to acquire new skills.